Toledo Cemetery

2150 Arcadia Dr NE, Toledo, Oregon 97391
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Toledo Cemetery Information

The Toledo cemetery is located on 7 acres of land off Arcadia Drive in Toledo Oregon.  Over 2000 people have  been buried or interned on this forestland park cemetery with some of the earliest burials circa 1883.  The cemetery is divided into four sections which are then further divided into plots.  Each plot holds eight or more graves.   The attached cemetery information file identifies each person’s resting place as well as date of birth and death.

We are currently working on a GIS solution and additional maps to help people more easily find loved ones.

Toledo Oregon Cemetery History (1990)

The first proven burials in Toledo were mother Rebecca Graham 1871, grand-daughter Dora Alexander 1871, daughter Margaret Rosebrook 1879 and father John Graham 1883 located by Bill and John Graham sons of Joe and Addie Graham to have been in the back yard at about the present intersection of Graham and Main Streets.

About 1898 a street was to be cut. Daughter Elizabeth designated an acre of her homestead next to the location we know as Section 2, IOOF, oldest area of Toledo Cemetery, to be Graham Cemetery. Until July 1, 1912 only kin of the Graham family could be buried there. Elizabeth deeded the Graham Cemetery, shortly before her death about 1912, to St. John’s Church. The church soon found the cemetery a burden and deeded it to the Cemetery Corporation, now known as section 1. It was called St. John’s on some old mortuary records.

Possibly Section 2 grew from need to bury.   A deed from John Pennock, unmarried, developed to a corporation with $1.00 shares. The IOOF Lodge took some care. December 18, 1897, A. L. Porter surveyed Section 2, William Brazelton, J. H. McNeil and T. P. Fish were directors. Corner stones were planted 12 inches deep. These notes are from records in Lincoln County by B. F. Jones.

Every Memorial Day the GAR marched with flags to have a program in a neat, decorated, graveyard. Tools, lunches, water and flowers were carried from their homes, walking the board walk the ladies earned cash for and the men built.

The earliest stones were Julia A. (Clayton) Miller died 1886, (mother of Mrs. B. F. Jones) and Ida Carrie (Dundon) Fish (wife of Tom P. Fish) and her third baby 1889. Julia Miller’s fine stone was broken and it was a mystery as to who it belonged to until an old obituary was found which proved the dates to be hers. Tom Fish was so broken hearted at the death of his wife and baby that he placed a huge stone for them and built a fine Iron fence which is still in place today. He is buried beside her with only a GAR marker to mark his grave.Some beautiful old wooden fences can be seen in old pictures but all have long since disappeared.

The original price for a lot was $5.00. Today we ask $125.00. We ask that the lot be kept open for mowing or the owner assumes the care. Mowing and a few utility bills are paid for from interest on time an account collected from generous gifts from fine friends. Thank you for cash and work.

Section 3 and 4 were surveyed from the purchase of another piece of land. 1927 dates an early burial in Section 3. Section 4 is at the North end. The survey needs to be located. It is hoped work on this can be done soon.

1990 has been special. A special mother donated a generous start on the new fence. The Board ordered the front completed. Donations of cash came in.

The Toledo Cemetery Association owns about 2 acres covered with brush above the road. Bob Bateman was enthusiastic to use this with terraces. The Association carries heavy liability insurance.

Present directors of the Board (1990) are: Stu Davis, Chairman; Arline Schick, Secretary Treasurer; Evelyn Parry, Record Keeper; Cecil Hawkins; Bill McCluskey; Jan Edmondson; Gary Groves and Gordon McPherson, our Attorney, who solved the legal change from profit corporation to a nonprofit association.

Evelyn Payne Parry